YNTEGRITY is the coming together of Ysanne’s dual careers in music and food. By harnessing her deep knowledge of music and food alongside emerging theories from neuroscience, spirit and technology, YNTEGRITY is an immersive experience, exploring consciousness cross-modally via all five senses in tandem. It's greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s an exploration for all five senses, with music and food as the foundation, and with art, neuroscience, technology, fragrance and choreography partners.

THE CONSCIOUS CHORUS is at the heart of the YNTEGRITY project. They trigger Hearing, Taste, Sight, Smell, and Touch. All senses are enhanced and stimulated simultaneously to create integrated synesthesia that's verified by biometrics and tech.

YNTEGRITY partners with brands and individuals.

This is YNTEGRITY: an integrated experience that enhances the expression of personal integrity ★


THE CONSCIOUS CHORUS in rehearsal, New York. September 22, 2016

 Photo: Riley Johndonnel

Photo: Riley Johndonnel